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We are excited have our students work directly with host startups around the globe. If you are a new host company, we'd love to learn more about your business through your completion of the form below. Then our team will contact you to set up a 15-20 minute video chat. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

If your startup has hosted Fellows in the past, please spend a few minutes filling out this form. Your information will be accessible for each term that we run programming. We'll just ask you to check in quickly and confirm that all is up-to-date.

We promise to keep all information confidential, apart from sharing it with our students. Thanks for taking the time! 

Requirements for all startups:

  1. 1) Provide a substantive opportunity for our students to make impactful contributions to your company (not merely photocopying/data entry) during regular business hours (approx. 9AM-5PM). Students will be expected to attend professional events outside of their responsibilities at work, so schedules of more than 45 hours per week are not ideal.
  2. 2) Welcome the student as a core team member; give access to co-founders/executives at the company and include the student in team meetings and social gatherings
  3. 3) Provide a stipend to help students cover local expenses. Our Fellows incur significant costs in traveling/living to a new city (often on a new continent) for 2-3 months. It becomes more difficult to recruit top students and ask them to spend thousands of USD to travel/live and receive no compensation. Higher stipends allow us to recruit students purely based on merit, without regard for their financial situation. That said, we would still work to connect you with a student if you cannot provide any stipend.
  4. 4) Offer opportunities for the student to experience the startup community (professionally and socially) -- events, conferences, meetings, etc.

  • If students are working full-time, programs run eight weeks. Additionally, some Spring and Fall programs can be extended to 12-16 weeks, depending on students' academic calendars.

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